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Who We Are

The Labour Party (LP) is a social democratic political party in Nigeria. The party was created in 2002 and was previously known as the Party for Social Democracy (PSD) before changing to its current name the following year. Built on the ideology of social democracy, the party aims to promote and defend social democratic principles and ideals for the purpose of achieving social justice, progress and unity.

On 27 May 2022, the party's membership and support increased drastically as the former governor of Anambra StatePeter Obi, joined the party shortly after he quit the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in a bid to run for the 2023 Nigerian presidential election.


Party logo

The logo of the party is a wheel with a man and woman with a child engraved in the centre.

The wheel stands for industry and work as basis for economic empowerment of the populace and the prosperity of the nation, i.e. continuous economic growth and development. The linkage, between the wheel and man, woman and child connotes that governance, economic and social development must lead to the advancement of human beings.

Party Flag

The flag of the party shall be RED AND GREEN, both equal in size, placed vertically, Red representing transformation and Green agriculture. The logo of the Party shall be at the centre of the flag with background.​


The Labour Party is a social democratic political party in Nigeria. In the 21 April 2007 Nigerian National Assembly election, the party won 1 out of 360 seats in the House of Representatives and no seats in the Senate. The Party's flagbearer in Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko, emerged the state governor after winning a judicial challenge. The party advocates for various issues as a member of the opposition, from the increment of minimum wage to other issues.

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